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LAuS error

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LAuS Errors

Observed on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3.0 AS


LAuS error - do_command.c:226 - laus_attach: (19) laus_attach: No such device.
...gratuitous errors in cron log.

Actual Problem:
You are running with auditing turned off, and there's no way for the auditing userspace tools (triggered by cron) to know this without trying to use it. (>>Ref)

To run with auditing turned on, run

  • chkconfig auditd on
  • service auditd on
To run with auditing turned off (the most likely solution), edit /etc/modules.conf:
alias char-major-10-224 off
To apply this fix without rebooting:
  • service crond stop
  • service atd stop
  • rmmod audit
  • service crond start
  • service atd start
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