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9.0 SP1 Network Install

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  1. Copy the content of the SLES 9.0 CDs to your install area.
  2. Copy the content of the three Update 1 CDs to your install area.
  3. Do this:
    # cd $INSTALL_AREA/media.3 ; cp media ../media.4; cp media ../media.5
    This fixes the Media IDs on the content from the SLES 9.0 CDs to match the ID that the SP1 installer is going to expect.
  4. Change the media ID in $INSTALL_AREA/yast/core9/media.1/media to match the media ids in the other media files (ie $INSTALL_AREA/media.3/media) -- as of this writing it is 20050117203108
Use It:
  1. Get the SLES 9.0 SP1 CD 1 and boot from it.
  2. Select the Installation option.
  3. For Boot Options, use:
This will run a manual installation, but draws all files off of the network (this means there are no CDs to swap).


See the notes on AutoYaST

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