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Simplistic Hosting Management

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  • I have a large website, generated by perl scripts on my local system, which must be then uploaded to the host system.
  • Since the vast majority of the web site (in terms of large files) is made up of image files that don't change, I would like to avoid re-copying files every time which don't change.
  • My web host does not provide a mechanism to do this.

Available Assets

  • I run Linux on my local system.
  • I have shell access to the limited environment on my host system.
  • My web host runs Linux on my host system.
  • rsync source code.


  • build rsync as a staticly-linked binary (as a hint, see Building Static Programs). The only binary I had to upload to my webhost was the rsync binary itself.
  • rsync your current layout down to your local system. Edit this script to fit your particular layout:

for i in html blog wiki ; do rsync -avW --size-only --rsync-path=/home/xdroop/bin/rsync -e ssh user@www:/var/www/$i/* ~/webhostingbase/$i done

  • make your changes locally
  • rsync your website back up (you might want the --delete flag on the upload if you clean up your website any -- check your man pages)
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