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could not set patterns or selections

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AutoYaST install stops with window: could not set patterns or selections with a list of patterns or selections. When you try to install manually from the same nfs set, it complains about the set not being properly GPG signed.


Add this block to your $NAME.xml file just before the <software> section:

   <accept_unsigned_file config:type="boolean">true</accept_unsigned_file>
   <accept_file_without_checksum config:type="boolean">true</accept_file_without_checksum>
   <accept_verification_failed config:type="boolean">true</accept_verification_failed>
   <accept_unknown_gpg_key config:type="boolean">true</accept_unknown_gpg_key>
   <import_gpg_key config:type="boolean">true</import_gpg_key>


Seen In:

SLES 10, SLED 10

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