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Using Cobbler with SuSE

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Using Cobbler to install SuSE and derivatives

See Cobbler and cobbler_byname for basics.

Stupid cobbler trick: using cobbler to set up the PXE environment for SuSE, SLES, and SLED PXE installations.

  • expand your distro somewhere; in my example the root is fs4:/export/os/SLES-10
  • in $ROOT/boot/i386/loader:
    # cp linux vmlinuz
  • add your distro:
    # cobbler distro add --name="SLES-10" --kernel=/net/fs4/export/os/SLES-10/boot/i386/loader/vmlinux --initrd=/net/fs4/export/os/SLES-10/boot/i386/loader/initrd
  • create your profile:
    # cobbler profile add --name="SLES-10-interactive" --distro="SLES-10" --kopts="install=nfs://fs4/export/os/SLES-10" --kick-start="http://netbackup/ks/interactive.cfg"
  • Define your system:
    # cobbler_byname --host "fsdisk" --profile SLES-10-interactive
  • Sync:
    # cobbler sync
Net boot your system. You should get a interactive installer.


  • tested with cobbler v 0.3.6 and cobbler_byname v0.3.6, both running on a Solaris system.
  • you have to copy the linux file since cobbler seems to require the kernel name vmlinuz. I have not decided if this should be raised as a bug, since it is really only a bug if you want to install non-RedHat family OSs.
  • I don't know if the kick-start parameter is strictly speaking required since it isn't actually used.
  • if you have an autoyast file around, presumably you can add the autoyast=nfs://netbackup/os/SLES-10/profiles/profile.xml (as appropriate) to the kopts parameter and you'll get an autoyast install instead of an interactive one.
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