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VMWare on FC3

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VMWare on Fedora Core 3

RPM: VMware-workstation-4.5.2-8848.i386.rpm

Note that this is a FC2 system which was upgraded to FC3, so my problems may be related to that.


  1. when you boot Fedora, the vmware startup fails (usually on bridged networking); and then when you go to run vmware, it advises you run, which fixes the problem -- until you reboot.
  2. when you shut down Fedora after doing the above, it complains about /dev/vmnet1, waiting for module use to become 0, and never shuts down.
These problems were generally observed under Fedora Core 2 following a kernel update to the 2.6.9 kernel family.

Alleged Solutions: (in no particular order)

  • the FC3 readme advises you get vmware-any-any-update84.tar.gz and install that. (Note that this didn't work for me, and after some fumbling around I was rewarded with a VMWare which wouldn't start at all no matter what I did.)
  • a VMWare Community Discussion Forum post (>>here advises inserting the following into /etc/init.d/vmware near the top, below the comment lines:
for a in `seq 0 9`; do mknod /dev/vmnet$a c 119 $a; done

I removed the VMWare RPM, then re-installed it, and finally did the second solution offered above. So far this has worked.

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