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Connect to Google Talk

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Connecting to Google Talk with Bitlbee

The BitlBee User Guide has the basic syntax to use:

    account add jabber handle password servertag
So for example, you would send the following command to your control channel:
<@dave> account add jabber mypasswd
<@root> Account successfully added
List your accounts:
<@dave> account list 
<@root> 0. MSN, me@my.msn.address (connected) 
<@root> 1. JABBER, (connected) 
<@root> End of account list
Log in with the account number:
<@dave> account on 1 
<@root> JABBER - Logging in: Connecting 
<@root> JABBER - Logging in: Connected 
<@root> JABBER - Logging in: Requesting Authentication Method 
<@root> JABBER - Logging in: Authenticating 
<@root> JABBER - Logged in
If you are unable to connect, try switching the port to 5223. For some unknown reason, some people must connect on 5222 and others must connect on 5223. There appears to be no way to know which one to use other than trial and error. The easiest way to change the port number is to simply delete the account you created (’account del 1′) and add it again.

Don’t forget to save your configuration when you are done.

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