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yum repositories

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yum.conf (1627)

Sample Yum.conf file

This /etc/yum.conf is for FC2, and includes the Livna and JPackage repositories, in addition to the repository.

You must also import the relevant GPG keys:

Useful for legacy systems (and some modern Mandrake ones), this list of yum archives at USC: >>

Also usefull: turning off extraneous noise in yum.conf:

Unfortunately, doing so can lead to some terse exchanges with Yum:
[root@jupiter log]# yum install nmap
Is this ok [y/N]:
...this makes me wonder exactly what it is going to do here; therefore asking for permission is a bit odd.


If you are maintaining a repository:

# cd $root/CentOS-4.2-i386
# ls
os  updates
In this case, os is the root of the CDROM/DVD image dump, and updates are the local RPMs to add or update. Since os will never change, we add our new RPMs to update and then:
# createrepo $root/CentOS-4.2-i386/update
Then make sure your clients can get at the system with /etc/yum.repos.d/myupdates.repo or the like:
name = my updates
baseurl = >>http://$LOCATION/CentOS-4.2-i386/updates

Now you should be able to do a yum update or yum install $PACKAGE and your repository will be included in the operation.

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