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MFLOPS Figures

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Collected MFLOPS figures

sparrowSun Blade 1000Sun UltraIII750420.4274Sun Forte 5M
exocetSun Blade 1000Sun UltraIII750419.6250Sun Forte 5C
huskySun Ultra 280RSun UltraIII750419.1779Sun Forte 5M
mantisSun Netra X1Sun UltraII/e500327.1136Sun Forte 5 
erwinSun Ultra 420RSun UltraII450296.1648Sun Forte 5M
aresSun Ultra 220RSun UltraII450296.1766Sun Forte 5 
silmarilSun Ultra 10Sun UltraII/i440288.8185Sun Forte 5 
iodineSun Netra T1Sun UltraII/i440286.0335Sun Forte 5 
dowlingSun Ultra 250Sun UltraII400262.8133Sun Forte 5M
relaySun Netra X1Sun UltraII/i400261.6176Sun Forte 5 
gandalfSun Ultra 5Sun UltraII/i400261.9109Sun Forte 5 
seagoonSun Ultra 5Sun UltraII/i360235.1135Sun Forte 5 
copperSun Netra T1Sun UltraII/i360233.6292Sun Forte 5 
komodoSun Ultra 5Sun UltraII/i330218.2795Sun Forte 5 
eggnogSun Ultra 250Sun UltraII300191.2892Sun Forte 5 
herculesSun Ultra 2/EnterpriseSun UltraSPARC200131.0197Sun Forte 5 
seagoonSun Ultra 5Sun UltraII/i360116.7927gcc 2.95.2 
themisSun Ultra 1/EnterpriseSun UltraSPARC167109.7287Sun Forte 5 
gravelSun Ultra1Sun UltraSPARC14393.5851Sun Forte 5 
eggnogSun Ultra 250Sun UltraII30048.8856Sun Forte 5-O
ecclesHardware Canada Cycle 5(?) MB8690717138.4021Sun Forte 5 
lindbergSun SparcStation 10TI TMS390Z555023.7309Sun Forte 5 
hawkSun SparcStation 20TI TMS390Z505023.5567Sun Forte 5 
gaeaSun SparcStation 10TI TMS390Z554019.0795Sun Forte 5 
gaosSun SparcStation 10TI TMS390Z503616.9979Sun Forte 5 
robotSun SparcStation 10TI TMS390Z503315.6004Sun Forte 5 
zeusSun SparcStation 5(?) MB869047014.4374Sun Forte 5 
pioneerSun SparcStation 2Sun 4_75(?)(?)6.7612Sun Forte 5 
doofcloneIntel Pentium 43.2 GHz823.8843gcc 3.2 
gw3001Sun V60xIntel Xeon3.06 GHz817.6767gcc 3.2 
farm2803cloneIntel Pentium 42.8 GHz750.6728gcc 3.2 
farm2401cloneIntel Pentium 42.4 GHz635.1315gcc 3.2 
farm2803cloneIntel Pentium 42.8 GHz297.4612gcc 2.96 
farm2401cloneIntel Pentium 42.4 GHz250.6616gcc 2.96 
tuxedoIBM Z/ProIntel Xeon866293.5595gcc (?)Mandrake system
pioneer10Dell L400Intel Pentium III700168.3452gcc 2.96 
arconcloneIntel Pentium II35083.8027gcc 2.96 
reguluscloneIntel 8058620038.5669gcc 2.96 
ganymedecloneIntel 8058613325.6957gcc 2.96M
europacloneIntel 805869017.3991gcc 2.96 
jabbaIntel MuleIntel IA64/B3733159.2208gcc 2.96Itanium mule, Redhat pre-release
jabbaIntel MuleIntel IA64/A2666150.3757gcc 2.96Itanium mule, Redhat pre-release
squashIntel MuleIntel IA64/A2499110.7897gcc 2.96Itanium mule, Redhat pre-release
pointfiveHP RX2600Intel Itanium290084.8227gcc 3.4.6-O (base freq=200.000MHz, ITC ratio=9/2, ITC freq=900.000MHz+/-450ppm)
pointfiveHP RX2600Intel Itanium2900306.8665gcc 3.4.6(base freq=200.000MHz, ITC ratio=9/2, ITC freq=900.000MHz+/-450ppm)


  • M = multi-cpu system, but test only runs on a single cpu
  • C = clone, not blessed Sun Microsystems equiptment
  • -O = No optimization at compile-time
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