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My Linux Distribution History

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(27 September 2012)

My History Of Linux Distributions

Linux distributions I have run as my primary workstation OS:

  • Yggdrasil Plug-And-Play Linux (I'm going to say May 1992 or 93 but that's a guess on my part)
  • Slackware of 1997 through 1999 vintages
  • RedHat 5, 6
  • Mandrake (don't remember the versions, but I ran it pretty exclusively from 2001 through 2003 or so)
  • Redhat 8, 9
  • RedHat Enterprise Linux 3, 4
  • CentOS 4, 5, 6
Thing of it is that for 1998 through my departure in 2001 I ran Solaris (2.5.2, 2.6, and 7) pretty exclusively at work, so didn't really have a need for Linux at home.

Today my Linux "workstation" VM runs CentOS 5, and my "server" runs CentOS 6. But my day-to-day desktop, both at home and at work, is Windows 7; it has been windows for probably 5 years now (XP -> Vista -> Win7 -- >>this is still highly relevant).

Professionally I've been responsible for all of the above, plus SUSE (various versions), Ubuntu, Gentoo, and Debian.

(Article triggered by >>Slashdork.)

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