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NDMP Restore Relocation

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NetVault NDMP Restore Relocation

(Note for V6.5.2)

Sometimes when you do your restores, you don't want them to over-write the existing data, you'd like to put them somewhere else.

The magic you need to know in order to do this is:

  • you can only "Relocate" directories, not individual files
  • select Relocate To: and put a full path in
  • you might have to drop the leading '/' in the target field (ie to relocate the contents of /vol/vol0/home/dave/tmp to /vol/vol0/home/dave/tmp.restore, select the directory /vol/vol0/home/dave/tmp, then relocate to vol/vol0/home/dave/tmp.restore)
  • in Restore Options, select Use Direct Access Restore By Recovering Individual Files
The exact magic of the "Rename" option continues to elude us.
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