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Interface Duplex

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Set interface duplex


CnM-> set interface untrust phy full


CnM-> get interface untrust
Interface untrust:
  description untrust
  number 1, if_info 88, if_index 0, mode route
  link up, phy-link up/full-duplex
  vsys Root, zone Untrust, vr trust-vr
  dhcp client disabled
  PPPoE disabled
  admin mtu 1500, operating mtu 1500, default mtu 1500
  *ip   mac 0014.xxxx.xxxx
  *manage ip, mac 0014.xxxx.xxxx
  route-deny disable
  pmtu-v4 disabled
  ping enabled, telnet disabled, SSH disabled, SNMP enabled
  web enabled, ident-reset disabled, SSL enabled
  DNS Proxy disabled, webauth disabled, webauth-ip
  OSPF disabled  BGP disabled  RIP disabled  RIPng disabled  mtrace disabled
  PIM: not configured  IGMP not configured
  bandwidth: physical 100000kbps, configured egress [gbw 0kbps mbw 0kbps]
             configured ingress mbw 0kbps, current bw 0kbps
              total allocated gbw 0kbps
  DHCP-Relay disabled
  DHCP-server disabled
Number of SW session: 3583, hw sess err cnt 0

The key values:

  • link up, phy-link up/full-duplex
  • bandwidth: physical 100000kbps
CnM-> set interface untrust phy ?
auto                 auto negotiation
full                 force full duplex
half                 force half duplex
holddown             holddown time
CnM-> set interface untrust phy full ?
100mb                100Mbps
10mb                 10Mbps
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