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Multiple Proxy-IDs Failure Mode

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I have a VPN where traffic works when the connection is incoming; however outgoing traffic doesn't reach the far side.


This is an edge case. I was moving the VPN from one VR to another, and had to redefine the phase-2 connection because you can't transfer a phase-2 between gateway definitions that reside on different VRs. (Or something.)

So when I removed the VPN, I had to redefine the proxy-ID, and I did so like this:

set vpn MyVPN proxy-id local-ip remote-ip "ANY"

Because I am an idiot, it then turned out that the original VPN had the proxy-ID locked down to a single IP on my side, so I had to add a second proxy-ID:

set vpn MyVPN proxy-id local-ip remote-ip "ANY"

Inbound traffic now works. However because the GUI doesn't let you delete proxy-IDs, I did not remove the first, incorrect definition.

This, of course, leaves us with two VPNs set up on one gateway: one with the incorrect proxy-ID, and one with the correct one. And because the first one defined matched the traffic, the firewall would always try to use it, even though the VPN was actually down (since the other end didn't have it defined).

So: remove the incorrect proxy-ID from the command line and everything works.


Proxy-ID pairs are evaluated in the order they are defined, not best-match. First-match will be used in this case.

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