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VPN Debugging

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(17 August 2012)

Digging around in the event log:

netscreen(M)-> get event include [peer ip]

General VPN information:

netscreen(M)-> get vpn

Confirm Phase 1:

netscreen(M)-> get ike cookie | i [remote peer ip]

Confirm Phase 2:

netscreen(M)-> get sa | i [peer ip]

Get more details on the SA ID:

netscreen(M)-> get sa id 0x00000007

Running a debug:

netscreen(M)-> set ff src-ip [local endpoint] dst-ip [remote endpoint] 
netscreen(M)-> undebug all
netscreen(M)-> clear db
netscreen(M)-> debug ike basic
netscreen(M)-> debug flow basic
netscreen(M)-> get db str

Debug Flow Basic should return a detailed accounting of why the firewall is sending packets where, or why not.


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