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ipv6 scratch notes

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(12 August 2012)

Just some scratch notes on setting up ipv6 with my ScreenOS-6.3.0R11 firewall.

Can't Set IPv6 Address Through Web Interface

Error is: General: General system error

Command line:

klondike-ssg5-> set int bgroup0 ipv6 mode router
klondike-ssg5-> set int bgroup0 ipv6 ip fd66:0628:384b::1/64
Interface bgroup0 being used as syslog src-interface. Please unset it first.
General: General system error

Failed command - set int bgroup0 ipv6 ip fd66:0628:384b::1/64

Turn off syslog, reset the source interface to None, then re-try the ipv6 command.

(Apparently this can happen for a whole bunch of reasons, but the CLI will usually tell you what the specific gripe is.)

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