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Install Notes on CentOS 5.3

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Things that it would be useful to know

I'm following their wiki at >>

  • The RedHat Enterprise 4 install didn't work on CentOS 4.7 -- Yum got pissed that a later version of Postgres appeared to be required and wouldn't install.
  • Don't disable the OpenNMS Repository after installing "opennms"; you'll need it later for iplike
  • for the postgres TCP/IP change, the default value for listen_address is 'localhost' so you don't need to change that
  • also the default max_connections is 100, so you can leave that alone too
  • after installing iplike, THEN you can disable the opennms yum repository
  • You don't need to worry about a java; I've got a default install and the base-provided java is being accepted as adequate.
  • $OPENNMS_HOME is /opt/opennms
  • /etc/default/opennms doesn't exist, nor does it appear to exist anywhere I could find in /opt/opennms
  • edit /etc/hosts and add the name nms1 to the line that identifies your system, localhost is fine
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