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Pixar Films Ranked

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Pixar Films Ranked

This is my personal ranking of the Pixar movies.

  1. The Incredibles: It may be hyperbole to say perfect in every way, but really, it is. The only reason I went to see Cars after this one was because of my attraction to the subject matter.
  2. Wall-E: Still comparatively new, shiny. We'll have to see if it lasts on repeated viewings. So far it has.
  3. Toy Story 2: Easily the better of the two Toy Story movies.
  4. Monsters, Inc
  5. Cars: I liked it because of the subject matter. The only movie I have a toy from -- I have a Luigi dressed up in his Ferrari fan gear.
  6. Finding Nemo
  7. Toy Story
  8. A Bugs Life: Still an excellent movie. The strength of Pixar's offerings is emphasized when an excellent movie like this is at the bottom of a list.
Not ranked:
  • Ratatoulie: Somehow the thought of a rat in a kitchen didn't appeal to me.
  • Up: have not seen yet. Doesn't reach out and grab me.
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