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A Table Exchange

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An Exchange at a Poker Stars Table

Table 'Capricorn II' 9-max (Play Money) Hold'em No Limit (5/10) - 2008/09/26 22:24:12 ET
[approximately 40 minutes of poker go by]
Table 'Capricorn II' 9-max (Play Money) Hold'em No Limit (5/10) - 2008/09/26 23:02:37 ET
maulela:"mackdav do you ever play a hand"
mackdav:"I started with 2K"
mackdav:"you work it out"
maulela:"i guess maybe one full hand"
mackdav:"I'm also multitabling"
maulela:"how boring is that"
mackdav:"this is practice"
maulela:"by nothing"
maulela:"well gl then"
maulela:"do you play cash"
mackdav:"honestly I'm not good enough to play cash very often."
maulela:"i dont dar"
maulela:"but this is play money"
mackdav:"I use this as practice"
maulela:"to play real money"
mackdav:"so that I can read the cards, the table, and the rythmn instinctively without having to think about it."
mackdav:"and doing it this way is cheaper."
maulela:"its hard to do that in a play money table"
mackdav:"actually it's easier"
mackdav:"since you know that the bluff here will NEVER work."
maulela:"people call anything and I am one of them sometimes"
mackdav:"Knowing that gives me an edge."
maulela:"you see"
mackdav:"well it works"
mackdav:"I'm breaking even here and up on my other table."
mackdav:"because if I'm more selective about my hands I know off the top that I'm probably ahead."
mackdav:"If I miss the flop, I know I'm probably behind."
mackdav:"If I hit the flop, I'm almost DEFINITELY ahead."
maulela:"oh maybe you just too good"
mackdav:"The rest of it is just down to reading the flow of the table."
mackdav:"I'm not good."
maulela:"oh so you mean you have to move on"
mackdav:"not sure I follow."
maulela:"but when you fold all the time dont you wish you didnt"
maulela:"a few times"
mackdav:"not really"
mackdav:"if I am up on the seesion, I win."
maulela:"I had folded full houses"
mackdav:"No matter how many hands I lose."
PokerStars Game #20723862325:  Hold'em No Limit (5/10) - 2008/09/26 23:13:35 ET
Board [8s 5s 9c Ts 8h]
Seat 1: mackdav (big blind) showed [6s 9s] and won (1000) with a flush, Ten high
Seat 3: drunkenbozo folded before Flop (didn't bet)
Seat 5: rsclrl folded on the River
Seat 6: maulela (button) folded on the River
Seat 7: boys35 (small blind) mucked [8c 4h]
maulela:"but you always fold before the flop"
mackdav:"when you guys are going in 15% my stack pre-flop, i can only afford a few hands."
mackdav:"I'd prefer they be winners."
maulela:"i see"
mackdav:"Is just play money, yes"
mackdav:"but if I treat it like real money, playing with real money isn't any different."
maulela:"is that how you are with real money"
mackdav:"if anything I'm even tighter."
maulela:"I mean in life"
maulela:"not poker"
mackdav:"poker as psychology, eh?"
mackdav:"no comment."
mackdav:"Therapy is cheaper than a poker game. :)"
maulela:"it is"

Captured after the fact since it pretty much sums up my style of play at micro/no-stake poker. I ended up 50% on one table, and up 75% on the second one, so once again the strategy worked.

What's amusing to me is that even though I told the table how I was playing, they still got into it with me. Some of them were paying attention though, and thanks to that I put a small bluff on one of them, a play that usually never works at these stakes.

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