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Sit And Go Endgame System (SAGE)

This system provides guidance as to whether or not the small blind should move all-in (jam) or fold, and guidance as to whether or not the big blind should call the small blind's jam.

In other cases you just have to play good poker.

The conditions:

  1. You are heads up with a single opponent at the end of a no-limit hold'em tournament.
  2. The blinds are large compared to the stack sizes.
  3. The small blind (who is on the button, and acts first) chooses to either move all in ("jam") or fold.
The Power Index:
  1. The "power number" of each card is its rank: J=11, Q=12, K=13, A=15 (don't forget that the ace is 15!)
  2. Take the power number for your higher card and double it.
  3. Add the power number of your lower card.
  4. If it's a pocket pair, add 22.
  5. If they're suited, add 2.
  6. The sum is the Power Index (PI) of your hand.
The Ratio:

The Ratio is the ratio of the short stack to the big blind.

The Table:



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