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Queensway Carleton Birth Unit, 2007

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Things I learned this time around while Jenn was having Nathan:
  • Don't have your induction scheduled for Friday because the cafeteria hours are 7AM to 2PM, Mon to Fri. There's no cafeteria on the weekends. (Convenient vending machines though, as long as all you want is soda, candy, and gum, because obviously nobody needs to eat healthy at a hospital on the weekends.)
  • Tim Horton's obviously honors the hockey origins of their namesake/founder; their sandwich buns are about as hard as recycled hockey pucks would be.
  • Tim Horton's "breakfast sandwiches" are obviously not intended to compete with McDonald's Egg McMuffin offerings (which, let's face it, they claimed right from the get-go, although nobody believed them) since they are about as good for you but fail to include all the possibly cancer-causing ingredients that McDonalds uses to make the sandwich taste good.
  • The hospital expects that "partners will assist with night time feeding routines" while the mother is still admitted. Oh, but there's no beds for the partners to sleep on, meals are provided only for patients, the washrooms are for patient use only (but feel free to use the ones down the hall!...), no pillows, and if you are in a shared room (ward or semi-private) any one of the other patients in the same room can kick your partner out after hours should they feel "uncomfortable with the situation".
  • If you luck out and have a private room (or fellow patients who are not "uncomfortable with the situation"), there are worse floors than these to sleep on. (For example, the floors in the old Emergency department's "cubicles".) I know this because the chairs they do provide are lousy to sleep on. On the positive side, if you are nice to the staff they'll make sure that your room "accidentally" has extra blankets and pillows which can make the floor a little more bearable...
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