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From the doc:

RRDBrowse is a poller daemon, templater and webinterface for rrdtool. It works with small .nfo files which hold router information and optionally connection details, colors, min max, bandwidth settings, etc, etc. RRDBrowse uses a caching mechanism to store interface names.


  • RRDs (ships with rrdtool)
  • Time::HiRes
  • Data::Dumper
  • SNMP_util (see SNMP_util -- and note that this is NOT the CPAN SNMP::util module)
  • Image::Magick (see ImageMagick)
  • mod_perl (optional)
  • libwww-perl
  • Digest::MD5
  • Sys::Syslog
If you want to monitor reponse latency or do anything involving telnet, you must also install the Net::Telnet module (which isn't included in RedHat for some reason).

Most of this stuff comes with your RedHat distribution. (One suspects that having to glue it all together from source would be painful.)

Redhat 9 users need to install:

  • RRDs
  • SNMP_util
The rest of the stuff is available and appears to work.

Homegrown Mods

THere is a crude 'uptime' module on Jupiter. Nothing fancy, but over time should provide a neat sawtooth graph showing how often systems get restarted.

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