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RedHat 7.3 doesn't play nice using nfs v3, so you have to force it to use v2.

The symptom is that the computer appears to lock up when reading/writing large numbers of files and/or large files. (Both have been reported, I have only managed to reproduce the large number of files in a kernel source tree unpack). Also the entire network appears to stop. Capturing the network traffic from the offending machine shows an amazing number of UDP/IP fragments.

The solution is to add the option

… in /etc/init.d/autofs.

RedHat claims that this has been addressed in the update kernel packages, but I'd rather not go there if it isn't absolutely necessary.


Update, 9 September 2004:

NetApp claims this is a systemic kernel problem requiring a kernel update>>
RedHat announcement claiming addressing NetApp NFS issues>>
NetApp document about NFS on Linux in general>>
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