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Other Yum Repositories For RHEL-5 Family

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Some Other Yum Repositories For RHEL/CentOS 5

My favorite is >>RPMforge

CentOS users have access to a couple of disabled repos, don't forget to try --enablerepo=

  • extras
  • contrib
Also note that RPMforge now splits into two repos, rpmforge and rpmforge-extras; the latter contains packages which supersede OS-provided RPMs. This may cause dependancy failures while they work out the details.

There is also >>EPEL

And kernel modules and stuff are frequently available in >>ELrepo

Beware that RPMforge and EPEL are not generally compatible, so be careful to not mix and match. In practice you want to use one over the other pretty much exclusively and not use the other -- for example I only use EPEL for syslog-ng right now, and that only on central hosts where syslog-ng is desired.

Setup Notes

I don't trust Priorities. Back in the bad old days I hosed a couple of systems due either to Priorities mis-fires or misconfigurations on my part. (Possibly a stale, old bias at this point.)

I install the RPM for the repo, then alter the /etc/yum.repos.d/$REPO.repo file so that each enable line is

enable = 0
This forces me to use --enablerepo=$REPO when trying to perform actions against the repository. It doesn't prevent accidents, but I've been doing it this way for so long that the accidents are fewer and further between (and much bigger).
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