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Notes on Autofs



The lastest (or later) versions of Linux autofs now support a --ghost flag. This will allow you to see the files under a NFS automount, much like -browse on Solaris' automounter.

This will replace the nasty script $PERSON wrote for $PLACE. Just add '--ghost' to the DAEMONOPTIONS in /etc/sysconfig/autofs.

Not sure what the oldest autofs is that supports this, but it is something to note.

Trying it:
  • switch is present in FC3
  • switch is NOT present in RHEL3U4
  • switch is NOT present in CentOS 5. In /etc/sysconfig/autofs, change the value of DEFAULT_BROWSE_MODE to yes instead.
  • in RedHat Client 5.5, it's been renamed again: set BROWSE_MODE to yes instead.
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