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Reverse Takeover by CART?

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Back To The Future

Interesting article on today discussing the >>IRL's future engine regulations:

The Indy Racing League is set to switch away from normally-aspirated engines in 2011, and intends to adopt rules with small displacement turbo engines.

This is interesting from a management stand-point: this spring, CART expired and what little assets remained were absorbed by the IRL. However, CART for years has used the small-turbocharged-engine formula.

Put this together with the fact that several CART venues will see IRL races in 2009 (including at least one of the Canadian stops), and that there will be many more road-racing events than in the past (a direct contravention of the IRL's original raison-d-etre an exclusively oval racing series!) and you have to wonder -- who is really absorbing who?

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