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Scape Goat

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Jenn Tells A Story

(Originally posted 7 February 2005)

Once upon a time, there was a man named Jed who had a goat. This goat would eat anything. One day, this goat got away from the yard where Jed kept it. All through the following week, things kept disappearing and/or getting eaten. The rest of the villagers blamed it on Jed's escaped goat. Finally, the town elders got tired of everything getting eaten, and they ordered Jed to find his escaped goat. Jed tried and he tried, but he could never find his escaped goat. Over the years, things kept disappearing, and everyone kept blaming the escaped goat for the problems. And over time, "escaped goat" got shortened to "scape goat".

Jenn made that up on the spot.

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