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Building Multi-Gnome-Terminal 1.6.1 on Solaris 9

(This probably won't work for most of you. Sorry.)

Problem: multi-gnome-terminal won't build because it is a Gnome 1.x application and Solaris comes with Gnome 2.x. Blastwave provides a newer Gnome than Solaris 9 does.

But we still want multi-gnome-terminal because gnome-terminal is weak! How?

  • Take your /opt/gnome-1.4 installation from Solaris 8 and copy it to your Solaris 9 box.
  • Configure:
$ export GNOME=/opt/gnome
$ export LD_OPTIONS='-R/opt/gnome-1.4/lib -L/opt/gnome-1.4/lib'
$ export PATH=$GNOME/bin:$PATH
$ ./configure --with-gnome=$GNOME --with-gnome-includes=$GNOME/include --with-gnome-libs=$GNOME/lib
$ make
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