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Episode Two: The Clone War

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Star Wars Episode Two: The Clone War

Things which bug me about Episode Two:

  • Oh, by the way, Artoo can fly.
  • The motivation for concealing the homeworld of the cloners is not explored, especially since they are well known around the galaxy as being very good at their jobs.
  • Master Siphudius is never particularly explained. Episode 3 shows that the Jedi council will happilly conduct operations "off the record", so their blanket denial of involvement is not particularly to be believed; however it is sloppy writing to just handwave how the clone army order was placed and never bring it to any conclusion.
  • The fact that Dooku was turned from the Jedi arts to the Dark Side is not discussed; it does not seem to bother the council that a Sith Lord turned one of the Jedi virtually at will.
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