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Stuff to Check Out

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Stuff to Check Out Later

This is my queue of stuff which looks interesting that I don't have time to look at right now.

Asus ee PC>>link512MB/4GB(SSD) ultraportable computer for CDN$399? It's a virtual PC without the virtual. 
Open Shared Root>> better netboot 
Throw-away email>>, I don't know... 
Modules>>http://modules.sourceforge.netEnvironment Control 
OpenVZ>> Linux only better. 
netcatbuilt-intime nc -z -w3 80>>http://speedtest.netSpeed TestingMe Like.
cpan2rpm Build RPMs from CPAN 
ZenOss>> all rolled up into one 
Zabbix>> all-in-one monitoring tool 
ipmitool>> management interface 
Xen on OpenSolaris>> 
netdisco>> port management. I wonder if it does VLANs?Only slightly less complicated than building a moon rocket out of 1960's TV parts.
ISPConfig>> applicable in some placesNot private enough -- users can see each other
CoWiki>>http://www.cowiki.orgHostable SnipSnap replacement?No.
Cobler>> infrastructure systemMe like.
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