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Disk Quotas

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Creating Solaris Disk Quotas

  1. Create a 600 root:root file named 'quotas' in the root of the filesystem to be restricted.
  2. Edit quota for a typical user.
    # /usr/sbin/edquota someuser
  3. Make the quota line look like this: (example: 100MB hard limit, 90MB soft limit)
    fs $FILESYS blocks (soft = 95000, hard = 100000) inodes (soft = 9000, hard = 10000)
    Remember a block is 1KB.
  4. Copy the quota to each other user.
    # /usr/sbin/edquota -p someuser someotheruser
  5. Optionally, set the soft limit time limit.
    # /usr/sbin/edquota -t $TIME_IN_SECONDS
Turn quotas on:
# /usr/sbin/quotacheck $FILESYS
# /usr/sbin/quotaon $FILESYS

It would be wise to create a startup file to do this for you.


# repquota -v $FILESYS

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