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NFS v4 Setup Question

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When you Jumpstart a Solaris 10 OS using a framework you designed for Solaris 9, the install stops after the first boot and asks you:

This system is configured with NFS version 4, which uses a domain
name that is automatically derived from the system's name services.
The derived domain name is sufficient for most configurations. In a
few cases, mounts that cross different domains might cause files to
be owned by "nobody" due to the lack of a common domain name.

Do you need to override the system's default NFS version 4 domain name (yes/no) ? [no] :

...and won't progress until the question is answered. Since we wish to install the OS in in an unattended manner, we wish to override this question being asked.

Solution 1: Dummy the installer so it doesn't ask unpleasant questions

Add this to your Jumpstart's postInstall script:

# Fix Solaris 10 NFS V4 query.
if [ -f /a/usr/sbin/sysidnfs4 ]; then
        # ...and this dummies the installer so it doesn't ask V4 questions.
        mv /a/etc/default/nfs /a/etc/default/
        touch /a/etc/default/.NFS4inst_state_domain
        mv /a/etc/.sysidconfig.apps /a/etc/
        grep -v sysidnfs4 < /a/etc/ > /a/etc/.sysidconfig.apps

The test at the top of this block should limit these changes being made to only those systems which will understand Nfs V4 (currently Solaris 10 only).

Solution 2: Configure Nfs V4 Correctly

This is left as an excercise for the reader. :)

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