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Rules.ok missing rule

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"Could not find matching rule in rules.ok"

I encountered this scenario when trying to jumpstart across a router (well across a VPN through the internet, as it happens):

Starting Solaris installation program…
Searching for JumpStart directory…
not found
Warning: Could not find matching rule in rules.ok

The Warning is actually a red herring; the real error is not found, meaning the rules.ok file could not be read.

My problem turned out to be that the sysidcfg file that my Jumpstart wrapper scripts were generating included the wrong networking information; specifically, the netmask and the default router fields were wrong.

The fix was to edit the sysidcfg file with the correct values.

>>This page gave me the hint I needed. (But note that running rpc.bootparamd -d doesn't tell you any useful information when the program is really being invoked by inetd.)

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