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Regarding the root_password line in sysidcfg

(Allegedly relevant to Solaris 7)

Read the following section carefully before saving and closing the sysidcfg file:

  • Keep the /export/config/sysidcfg file open in an editor
  • Open a different window and display the server's /etc/shadow file
  • If our encrypted root password shown there contains a period and/or a slash, it will be unusable for the password transplant we are about to perform. To fix this:
  1. change the root password
  2. display the /etc/shadow file to confirm that all periods and slashes are gone from the encrypted password
  3. Perform this password change as many times as needed to remove periods and slashes
  4. Trick: you can even keep using the same password over and over again, since the encryption changes each time regardless of the original characters
  • Use the mouse to highlight root's encrypted thirteen character password
  • Paste the password into the /export/config/sysidcfg file's root_password= line
(Note: this didn't solve my problem.)
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