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Moving JetDirect Print Queues

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Moving JetDirect Print Queues Between Solaris Hosts


Eventually you'll be replacing your Sun superserver with a new, better, faster superserver. Odds are you have a whack of JetDirect Print Queues set up on the old server and will want to move them to the new server.

HP-JetDirect comes with a script /opt/hpnp/bin/transferqueues which can be used in this case.

On the source host:

  1. cd /opt/lp/interfaces
  2. tar -cvf /tmp/queues.tar *
On the destination host:
  1. Install the JetDirect software if it isn't already installed and you are not running Solaris 9.
  2. Start lp if it isn't running:
    # /usr/lib/lpsched
  3. Copy the queues.tar file you created above to /tmp:
    # scp source:/tmp/queues.tar /tmp
  4. Run transferqueues
  5. Check that the queues got created properly, and test them as appropriate.
  • Even though Solaris 9 has JetDirect included in it, it does not include transferqueues. However, you can copy it from a host which does have it, as there are no dependancies on /opt/hpnp.
  • According to the web, newer versions of transferqueues than I have here can be manipulated into creating the sourcefile /tmp/queues.tar for you. Read your documentation, ususally /opt/hpnp/TRANSFER.UNX
  • I assume (but have no solid documentational basis supporting) that what goes for Solaris 9 will also go for Solaris 10 ie that JetDirect will be included in the OS install.
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