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We had an X1 we wanted to do a network-boot install on, which was ignoring the break command from the LOM during power-up. We could not interrupt the boot process before the existing OS hung.

To get the system out of this state:

lom> poweroff
lom> bootmode forth
lom> poweron
ok setenv diag-switch? true
ok reset-all

In the diagnostics mode the X1 is hyper-sensitive to the break command; once the hardware has finished initializing you can use the normal #. and break sequences to drop to the ok prompt and do what you will with the system.

Warning: Don't be fooled by the ok PROM prompt after the bootmode forth command; the X1 has not initialized all (any?) of its hardware, so attempts to boot from this ok prompt will fail with a Fast MMU Data Miss error.

Sometimes that didn't work

OK, presuming you've already set up your Jumpstart back end, there's a different way of accomplishing the same thing:

  1. lom> poweroff
  2. lom> bootmode forth
  3. lom> poweron
  4. ok setenv boot-device net
  5. ok reset-all
  6. When the installer starts up, quit out of it to the installer-os prompt
  7. #.
  8. lom> break
  9. ok setenv boot-device disk
  10. ok boot net - install
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