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Restarting a failed slice

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ODS: Restarting a failed slice

Sometimes when a slice or disk fails you can restart it. The man page suggests this is useful if you accidentally pop a live disk out of a running set or whatever. The vast majority of the time attempting this is harmless whether or not it succeeds. If it succeeds you have bought yourself a little more time before you need to replace the device (but probably not much more -- I'd go out and replace the device as soon as possible.)

# metareplace -e $MIRROR $COMPONENT
The easiest way to figure out what the mirror and component names are is to look in the output of metastat for the sample metareplace command.

In our case we had a single slice on one of our disks fail. The rest of the slices were running properly. We restarted the failed device:

# metareplace -e d5 c0t0d0s5

...and this worked. However since the disk had now generated a history of possible failure, we replaced it within the week.

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