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Disabling Card-out Screen Locking

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Disabling the card-out screen locking

Q: Is there any way to disable the automatic screen locking when a user's card is reinserted into a SunRay? I.e., I want the saved session to come back immediately, and not require the user to type their password to unlock the session.

A: From the utxlock man page - SRSS will invoke utxlock on any session disconnect. If users wish to disable this behavior they should add the following line to their $HOME/.dtprofile:

To set this up globally do this and restart dtlogin:
# echo "SUN_SUNRAY_UTXLOCK_PREF=" > /etc/dt/config/Xsession.d/0099.SUNWut

(Sources: Christopher S Saul (Sun Microsystems) and Darin Perusich on the sunray-users mailing list.)

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