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Migrating disk groups between servers

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Fun and games

So let's pretend you have Veritas Volume Manager (vxvm) 3.5 installed on a Solaris 8 system. You have two disks, one of which is encapsulated into the rootdg.

So you install Solaris 10 on a second box, and install Veritas 4.1 into that. Then you transplant the disk that is encapsulated from system one into system two.

How do you add the encapsulated disk into vxvm on the new system without hosing your data?

A possible solution

The internet suggests: >>

On the first server:

vxdg deport $GROUP
(move disk)

On the new server:

vxdg import $GROUP

The implication from the above article (to me) is that the storage we are moving should NOT be in rootdg, but in a group all on its own. This is because it implies to me that the entire group is deported, which would be bad if your OS is running on disks in the same group.

Similarly, the implication to me is that this is an all-or-nothing operation. You can not export just a subset of disks from a disk group, it is all of them or none of them.

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