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Management of Sun X2200-M2 Servers

The Sun X2200M2 servers have a web-based management system built in (like a iLOM or a SC) sometimes referred to as the Service Processor (SP).

Just like everything else Sun makes, it makes some strange assumptions.

DHCP Configuration

By default we set ours up as DHCP clients thinking that we could manage them that way. The problem with this configuration is that the management DHCPs just once at power on. If this is post-power-failure, then there are pretty poor odds that your real DHCP server has booted up and is handing out addresses at the moment that your X2200 is looking for network configuration information. If it doesn't find any, it defaults to it's factory default ( or the like).

You can make the LOM do a DHCP request manually by connecting to the serial port, logging in, and issuing the command

> set /SP/AgentInfo DhcpConfigured=enable

This sets the value of DhcpConfigured, and does a DHCP request.

The solution is to hard-code the values you want to use. What I did was set the DhcpConfigured variable above, then log in through the https: interface, then just clear the "Use DHCP" item on the Control -> Network menu. Hit submit, and the dhcp-retrieved values are hard-coded. I could do this because I'd previously gone through the trouble of setting up a dhcp reservation for each LOM, so you probably don't want to do this. You are more likely to want to do something like this (with values appropriate to your local requirements):

set /SP/AgentInfo DhcpConfigured=disable
set /SP/AgentInfo IpAddress=$IP
set /SP/AgentInfo NetMask=$NETMASK
set /SP/AgentInfo Gateway=$GATEWAY

Warning: if you do it in an odd order things might not get set the way you'd like: ie if you set the Netmask before IP, the Netmask might get redefined when the IP is set.

Check the output with

show /SP/AgentInfo

Active-X Control

When you try to launch the Active-X KVM control, you might get an error message Windows has blocked this software because it can't verify the publisher for My work-around to this problem was to move the management interface web page into the "trusted sites" internet group. Then the gripe window gave me the option to install the offending control. Once installed, the control was usable by all X2200 LOMs.

Note that I never got this to work under Firefox (IE-View or not), it was an Internet Explorer-only function.

Also see this thread: >>

Possibly Interesting: If you let the web page time out, it closes the java KVM. If you just close the tab with the web page on it, the KVM never times out.

Well that's intuitive

From reference document 819-6588-11

If you've SSH'd into the SP and want to manipulate the host computer, these commands might be useful:

  • Type the following command to power on the host:
    set /SP/SystemInfo/CtrlInfo PowerCtrl=on
  • Type the following command to power off the host:
    set /SP/SystemInfo/CtrlInfo PowerCtrl=off
  • Type the following command to reset the host:
    set /SP/SystemInfo/CtrlInfo PowerCtrl=reset
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