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Flushing the NSCD cache

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Solaris by default runs a program called nscd that caches various things. This is useful if you have a lot of users and use a network protocol to get /etc/passwd information, since nscd will cache such things as NIS and LDAP results. However, it also caches DNS and (at least in Solaris 8 and earlier) ignores such DNS information as TTLs (time to live).

The result is that if you've just changed something in DNS, a Solaris system may not pick that up right away, but all your command-line utilities that do direct DNS queries (nslookup, host, etc.) will see the right values.

To force nscd to invalidate its DNS cache, run:

nscd -i hosts

as root. You can also just kill the daemon and restart it. You may want to consider whether you want to not run nscd at all if the only network queries the system does out of nsswitch.conf are for DNS, since your local caching DNS server will do a much better job than nscd at obeying the DNS protocol.

You can also deactivate the nscd DNS cache entirely by adding the line:

enable-cache hosts no
to /etc/nscd.conf.


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