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sun4m specifics

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Building for sun4m systems

So if you are building software on a UltraSPARC, most of the time your compiler will just produce the V8 code needed so that people inflicting your programs on sun4m computers will be happy.

Sometimes, however, your software is smart and wants to use all those fancy V9 instructions that will make life oh-so-much better. This will make users of sun4m systems who want to run your builds unhappy.

For GCC, the trick is to define:


Ah! But if you are building OpenSSL, it is cleverer still, and thinks that the fact that it sees an ulstraSPARC is more relevant than the CFLAGS setting! In this case, you have to:

./Configure <flags> solaris-sparcv8-gcc

This should produce the correct code, and your resulting sshd binaries should be usable on sun4m systems.

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