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SP Quick Setup

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Quick SP setup on a Sun v20z

Downloading Sun document 817-5249-17 is highly recommended.

  • on the front panel, go to the SP menu, then "Use Defaults". The SP will reset.
  • after it resets, it will ask you if you want to use DHCP. Say yes. The SP will then display its DHCP address.
  • ssh to the IP address as so:
$ ssh $IP -l setup
  • enter a admin username. "root" won't work. I use "admin".
  • enter and confirm a password.
  • connect back to the SP with the admin user:
$ ssh $IP -l admin
  • set a static IP:
localhost> sp set ip static -i a.b.c.d -n -g 1.b.c.254 -W
  • the -W is highly recommended as otherwise the IP address will change immediately.
  • disconnect from the SP.
  • the SP should now come up on the desired IP address.
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