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SP and BIOS flash

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Updating the SP firmware

(If you are looking for specific hints, it is "cobbler". If the preceding makes no sense to you, it wasn't meant to.)

Change all version numbers to whatever you actually have. See the Sun site for downloads (still there as of 0911.19).

Export the firmwares from someplace.

On the SP, mount:

$ sp add mount -r -l /mnt

Run the handy java-based update server on the someplace the firmware is exported from:

# java -jar /export/v20z/update_server/V2.2.0.6/updateServer.jar -f /export/v20z/sw_images/sp/spbase/V2.4.0.20/install.image -p 50000

Power off the server to be updated.

On the SP, run the update:

$ sp update flash all -i -p 50000

It will run the update and then recycle the SP. It takes a long time for the SP to come back.

Update the BIOS

Warning! I have a one in four failure rate with this procedure! Read about the BIOS flash failure I experienced and consider not doing the BIOS unless there is a definable requirement to do so!

Your server is still off.

You still have the mount on the SP from the previous step.

On the SP:

$ platform set os state update-bios /mnt/sw_images/platform/firmware/bios/V1.35.3.2/bios.sp
Again, this takes a long time to run.

Clean Up

You should remove the mount on the SP:

$ sp delete mounts


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