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True Dat

11:03:49 < xdroop> I just pulled another private /24 out of my ass for overlapping use.
11:04:07 < Myke> I know Windows isn't okay with IPs like
11:04:22 < Myke> or
11:04:38 < xdroop> Really?
11:04:45 < xdroop> I know W2K didn't like them
11:04:56 < Myke> BTW I haven't tried recently
11:04:56 < xdroop> and strange things would happen to XP clients who got issued them by DHCP
11:05:16 < xdroop> me either.
11:05:24 < xdroop> I filed it under "don't do that" and moved on with my life.
11:05:37 < xdroop> This is how superstitions start.
11:08:53 < Myke> pretty much
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