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SEM Won't Start

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(19 June 2012)


Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager process won't start, exits with Event Log Application semsrv error: The Java Virtual Machine has exited with a code of -1, the service is being stopped.


Change the password used by the application pools in IIS.

  • Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> IIS Manager
  • click on the local computer
  • click on Web Sites
  • click on Default Web Site, observe the five SEM sub-sites: ClientPackages, content, Reporting, secars, secreg
For each SEM sub-site:
  • right-click on the sub-site, click properties
  • click Directory Security tab
  • for Authentication and Access Control, click Edit
  • type in the changed password for the account displayed there (in our case it was the Domain Admin, so every time we had a password rotation SEM would stop working).


This only is true if you've changed a password recently (ie just before it stopped working). I understand from the internet that SEM has a horrible reputation for dying for the usual no-good-reasons and can periodically require a clean-OS, clean-app reinstall just because.

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