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Things To Buy

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Computer Things To Buy

General Goals for the Network:

  • retire K6/2 thing.
  • move Saturn to role as server with additional hard disks
  • possibly retire Apollo
  • possibly add wireless for the laptops
  • need a backup strategy, both for the server(s) and for Jenn
  • need a UPS strategy -- ideally something like a 2200 for the basement, and the 800 can go into the office.
  • we have to decide if buying the current laptop is a goal
  • new (probably Windows (mostly for the Sony camera)) workstation
  • my next work laptop will probably have wireless
  • nice big monitor or dual small ones
  • wants a photo printer (Epson RX500)
  • wants a scanner (Epson RX500)
  • needs a way to connect her laptop to the network (ie replace mainboard (no!) or ethernet card or maybe wireless)
  • needs a backup strategy
  • possibly update her to WindowsXP/Pro
A list of things I need/want for the home computer network.
  • single post rack
  • mounting hardware for the SS2
  • cable management for patch panel, SS2, on single-post-rack
  • nice color-coded short patch cables
  • rack shelf for cable modem and Netopia things
  • special metal shelves (for server(s))
  • redundant large hard disks
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