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Full boot Partition

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Can't run updates because /boot is full.

Solution if you are not hosed

Look in /boot, pick an old kernel version (make sure it isn't the one you are actively running by checking uname -r) and delete it:

# apt-get remove linux-image-extra-4.4.0-{38,42,45,47}-generic

(If you are hooped, it will complain about unmet dependencies (which probably include a partially installed kernel that it can't complete because /boot is full) and you get to use a bigger stick, see the next section.

Once you've made space, fix up the un-met dependencies:

# apt-get -f install

...and you should be good to go.

Solution if you are hosed

Use dpkg to forcibly uninstall kernels you are not using any more:

# dpkg --force-all -P linux-image-extra-4.4.0-{38,42,45,47}-generic

Now fix up the un-met dependencies:

# apt-get -f install

...and you should be good to go… at least until it happens again.

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