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Virtual Local Area Network

General Information

Some dumber switches (the 3Com 1100 comes to mind) will only permit the in-band management interface to be accessable through VLAN 1.

Switch Specific Information

3Com 4300 switches are odd for two reasons:

  • when sending multiple VLANs across one wire, one VLAN must be untagged. This is counter-intuitive (and not clearly documented anywhere). Note that the untagged VLAN on the 4300 must also be untagged on the switch on the other end of the wire. By convention, VLAN 1 is untagged in these scenarios.
  • under some unknown circumstances, VLAN tagging changes do not take effect until the 4300 is rebooted. These switches take about 60 seconds to boot, during which time the switch will not pass traffic on any interface. (This is a pretty good way to annoy users.)
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