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VMFS Mount

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After an event of some kind (it was an array failure in our case, but the internet is awash in tales of power failures) all the VMs in my ESXi 4 system come up as "Unknown (Inaccessible)".

Examining the logs shows errors like:

Apr 17 22:10:18 gw-esxi-01 Hostd: [2012-04-17 22:10:18.742 FFC61E80 info 'App'] File path provided /vmfs/volumes/4da47646-42f22ed8-ffb8-001d0968d057/hsphere.w.t1/hsphere.w.t1.vmx does not exist or underlying datastore is inaccessible: /vmfs/volumes/4da47646-42f
Apr 17 18:10:20 gw-esxi-01 22ed8-ffb8-001d0968d057/hsphere.w.t1/hsphere.w.t1.vmx


  • enable the SSH access on the console by going to Troubleshooting -> then enable the Tech SSH.
  • Run esxcfg-volume -l and if it comes back as mountable, then get the datastore UUID or label. Then run esxcfg-volume -M $LABEL to mount it.
Example: datastore1 is not mounted.
~ # esxcfg-volume -l
VMFS3 UUID/label: 4da47646-42f22ed8-ffb8-001d0968d057/datastore1
Can mount: Yes
Can resignature: Yes
Extent name: naa.6001e4f017e810001720a4f308f790fb:3 range: 0 - 471295 (MB)

~ # esxcfg-volume -M datastore1 Persistently mounting volume datastore1

~ # df Filesystem 1k-blocks Used Available Use% Mounted on visorfs 1341308 267120 1074188 20% / vfat 4192960 2624 4190336 0% /vmfs/volumes/4da47646-180cf51c-96bd-001d0968d057 nfs 206693144 95781064 100243316 49% /vmfs/volumes/b386bf1f-9f72248c vfat 255716 4 255712 0% /vmfs/volumes/e1ab2e71-6e9d4ae8-3087-162dcd3f0867 vfat 255716 91340 164376 36% /vmfs/volumes/e97c7f73-1e33bc5b-112c-515d5c8f0643 vfat 292752 144096 148656 49% /vmfs/volumes/2da668ef-40e5d96b-90bf-855ddb9c5547 vmfs3 482607104 451988480 30618624 94% /vmfs/volumes/4da47646-42f22ed8-ffb8-001d0968d057

If it isn't mountable, google around for how to check/repair the partition table before mounting.

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