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Installing vmware-tools on CentOS

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The installer for vmware-tools does the following:

  • mount a ISO as a CDROM device
  • install the tools off of that
  • run
For CentOS without X running, you have to do this manually.

The ISO images are in /usr/lib/vmware/isoimages

You need to have the 'Development Tools' group and 'kernel-devel' packages installed for this to work. I've had problems when running in a partially upgraded mode -- ie installing just the bare minimum from the local DVD then doing a yum groupinstall for the rest, mostly due to the config program complaining that the gcc you have isn't the gcc that was used to build the kernel.

It wants to interrupt networking, so you have to do this from the VM's console.

  1. Connect the .ISO to the VM's virtual CDROM device.
  2. Mount the device (usually hdc)
  3. Install the .rpm you find there
  4. Run (I didn't want the "sharing" stuff, but I otherwise let it do what it wanted to.)
  5. Enable the vmware-tools init script:
    # chkconfig --add vmware-tools
  6. Reboot to make sure it's working correctly.
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